Diamond Jubilee

Location:  Xaghra, Gozo
Lighting:  Light Design Solutions
Photos by:  Alan Carville
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This project shows a clear indication as to how an interior designer (Clive Refalo) and Light Design Solutions can collaborated together. Here Light Design Solutions used its experience to bring out the various features in the designer’s creativity. The client insisted with the designer and Light Design Solutions that the ambience and feeling in this Bistro (Diamond Jubilee) will indicate that it is run and owned by a female.

We would like to point out that in this project the total lighting consumption for these premises is only 533Watts. This is a clear indication that we, at Light Design Solutions, are committed to use low cost effective technology, meaning in low consumption and in low running costs. In this case we have used LED technology that due to its low heat output it will reduce air conditioning requirements to enable further energy savings during the Summer months.