Dar Il-Hanin Sammaritan

Location:  Santa Venera
Lighting:  Light Design Solutions
Photos by:  Alan Carville
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The Dar il-Hanin Samaritan Conference Centre project situated at Santa Venera in Malta was conceived as an overall series of spaces to engage the members of the lay society in meditative sessions in both its internal and external ambiances.  The open to the sky major dry garden space was designed to accommodate seating, play areas, places for card games and a turfed surface for the traditional Maltese game ‘bocci’.

The lighting design prepared by Light Design Solutions Limited perfectly accommodates and highlights the architectural features.  I am pleased to be able to say that the solution provided by the lighting consultants has in fact, greatly enhanced the project.  Roaming through the building spaces, as illuminated, provides an enchanting walk through giving the project an added layer of poetic quality.  As architect of the project I applaud the result.

Richard England Hon. FAIA